In the indigenous religion of the ancient Tagalogs, Bathala Maykapal was the transcendent Supreme Being, the originator and ruler of the universe. He is commonly known and referred to in the modern era as Bathala

It was said that in the beginning, only Bathala, Aman Sinaya, and Amihan existed in the world

Bathala was the god of the sky, while Aman Sinaya was the goddess of the sea. They tried outdoing each other every day, with Bathala using his lightning bolts and Aman Sinaya using her waves and typhoons.

These boulders becamethous ands of islands on the sea’s surface, hence the Philippine archipelago
One day, AmanSinaya sent storms to the heavens, causing major turmoil. In order to stop her, Bathalathrew boulders from the mountains toward her.
These boulders became thousands of islands on the sea’s surface, hence the Philippine archipelago

This caused the sky and the sea to become closer to one another. Then, when the two domains met eventually, the gods decided to put a halt to their battle and become friends.

To commemorate their friendship, Bathala planted a seed beneath the ocean floor. This later turned into a bamboo reed that stuck out on the edge of the sea. Amihanpecked the reed eventually freeing Malakas and Maganda, the Philippines 'counter part to Adam and Eve.
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